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Why does a deodorant company need a blog? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves. The self-proclaimed marketing gurus say content is oh-so essential. And honestly, we still can’t be bothered to just write for content’s sake.

Instead we’ve decided to share some of our insights. The lessons we learned, sometimes the hard way. The values we trust to keep us accountable and in integrity. And of course we talk a little bit about our products. We hope you enjoy our musings.

5 Reasons To Switch To All Natural Deodorant

Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, it means you’re already considering switching to a natural deodorant, or at least you’re intrigued by them and want to find out more. Getting yourself well informed is key, so good on you for reading up!

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Celebrate Every Body

Corporate Midlife Crisis? Last year, around the time of Bali Secrets fifth birthday, my colleagues Katharina, Giles and I talked about our journey with the company so far. What started as a reflection on our values, turned into a kind of soul searching session ...

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How Bali Taught Me to Celebrate Everything

When we started Bali Secrets in 2015, none of us had any idea what we had signed up for. It quickly became clear that our expectations around timeliness and productivity were highly unrealistic, given that we were in a culture that proudly prioritises holidays and ceremonies ...

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