What makes
the best
Natural Body Scrub?

Coffee Scrub

Pink Salt + Coconut Scrub

Let your skin decide.

The truth is that every person, every body, every skin, every pore has different needs (that last one might be a little bit of a stretch). This does not just apply to natural body scrubs. One-size-fits-all is simply a no-go when it comes to beauty and skin care products.

However, one thing that’s very important is to ensure that anything you apply on your skin is free of irritant, cheap and/or questionable components. We’ve got this point covered! At Bali Secrets we use only premium natural ingredients that are good for your body and the environment. Also, our scrubs are finely ground, making them gentle enough to use all over, even your face.

The start of a true bathroom fairy tale.

What else defines the best natural body scrub, you ask? We’d say whatever makes your skin (and lips) smile.

Does thinking about exfoliating give you mild jitters of excitement? Does the smell of your body scrub make you feel like singing a happy song ? Do you crave its creamy texture? Do all of its ingredients respect nature and your health? Does it make your skin glow like a crazy diamond?

You’ve got your answer right there baby face!

Coffee Scrub

Pink Salt + Coconut Scrub

A Natural
Body Scrub’s
Life Mission:

Polish your body and make it shine.

The human body sheds over half a million skin cells a day (don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more). Dead cells clog pores and result in breakouts; they also make the skin appear dull and lifeless.

Body scrubs are designed to help exfoliate your skin; making it feel smooth, refreshed and silky-soft. But in order to do their job well, they need the help of an essential ally: the exfoliating agent. This superhero is in charge of doing the hard work while maintaining a perfect balance between abrasiveness and nurture. If this objective is not accomplished, it’ll result in one of two skin dramas: deficient exfoliation or skin irritation.

So if a scrub is good at its job, it’ll make your skin cleaner, freer to breathe and prepared to better absorb cremes and moisturizers (like for instance our Happy Body Butter).

All natural body scrubs are also great motivators. They encourage and accelerate cell rejuvenation. The process through which new cells reach the top layer of your skin usually takes between 27 and 30 days. Scrubbing regularly not only speeds up this process, it also makes your skin feel ah-mazing.

Why choose
Bali Secrets?

Pure Love For Your Skin

We know this might not be verifiable information, but we’ve rubbed our skin with a fair amount of exfoliating ingredients in order to determine what needs to go into a scrub to deliver the most efficient and invigorating scrub-a-dub-dub experience.


Simply Skin Friendly

No baking soda. No parabens. No aluminum chlorohydrate or zirconium. No phthalates. Wholesome ingredients. Nothin’ else.


Deluxe Spa-In-A-Bottle Experience

These natural body scrubs are all you need to pamper yourself. One pack is enough for about 20 spa-in-a-bottle sessions!


Smoothness + Radiance

Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, making your skin feel soft and refreshed. It helps eliminate skin impurities and improve the appearance of conditions like acne and eczema.


All Natural. No Nonsense.

GMO-Free. Petroleum-Free. Paraben-Free. Phthalates-Free. Triclosan-Free. Synthetic preservative free. No junk, just love and beauty.

Choose your Bathroom Fairytale:

Deluxe Coffee + Goat Milk Scrub

Caffeine increases blood circulation and collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity and giving it a firmer appearance. While goat milk, rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin A, hydrates and moisturizes.

Deluxe Pink Salt + Coconut Scrub

Himalayan Pink Salt is rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc, sodium and potassium; all fundamental for healthy skin. Coconut oil boosts collagen production and Kaolin Clay agents help cleanse and detoxify.

Body Scrubing

Making the switch to natural.

After months of scrubbing our bodies in all possible ways, we’ve come to a conclusion on the single most important golden rule to optimize the use of your natural scrub: DON’T APPLY TOO MUCH PRESSURE!

If you’ve chosen a good-quality product, you can trust its natural exfoliating agent in providing the abrasiveness your skin needs.
Bonus tip: scrubs with moisturizing components do two jobs for the price of one. Guess which all natural body scrub is packed with XXXX to nurture and nourish your skin? (Hint: it starts with “Bali” and ends with “Secrets”.

Another bonus tip: to obtain optimal results, use your scrub twice a week, as the final step of your shower. Scrub application instructions?

Conventional vs
Body Scrubs.

Nothing beats the power of the Mama Nature.

At this stage, we assume you already understand that natural ingredients are much better for you than synthetic ones; so we won’t mention it again. Wait, we just did.

It’s just a very important point. Not all body scrubs are good for the environment, nor for you. Well, technically, you are part of the environment. But that’s not what we mean!

Conventional body scrubs often come with a list of loooong, unpronounceable (and unnecessary) chemical ingredients. Both our planet and body deserve products that won’t harm them.

Coffee, salt, sugar and kaolin clay are great examples of natural elements suited for the scrubbing job. When mixed with nourishing aromatic or essential oils, they create the perfect blend to give your skin to an efficient moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment.

Bali Secrets Natural Body Scrub formula was created and produced thinking of the environment. Our products seamlessly reintegrate into nature without leaving a footprint!

That’s all! We hope you are ready to scrub the day away.



All natural benefits.

Using products made from natural ingredients has quite a few benefits. It’s a good feeling knowing what you put on your body has grown organically in real soil under real sun. This is about more than feeling good though. Our bodies appreciate natural food – whether real food on the inside or on the outside in the form of natural skin care products.

Beyond the personal benefits, it’s also a good step towards protecting the environment. Organically grown ingredients reduce the amount of artificial fertilizers and pesticides that end up in our soils.

Some popular cosmetic ingredients are by-products of industrial meat production or the mineral oil industry. Both are known for their considerable environmental impacts. By using purely plant-based aka vegan ingredients, we’re taking another step towards reducing our overall ecological footprint.

Going natural feels good and it does good as well. Oh how we love win-win situations.


Treat Yourself!

Deluxe Coffee Scrub


Deluxe Pink Salt Scrub


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Even more Goodness!

Deluxe Castile  Soap
[Charcoal Magic]


Deluxe Castile  Soap


Vanilla Spice


Wild Wood


Original Essence


Delicate Rose


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