Hello! Ciao!
Salut! Hola!

Nice to meet you.
We’re Bali Secrets.

We’re a small company with a passion for natural skincare and holistic lifestyle. In real life, we’re a group of human beings who wanted to create something together. In 2015, our paths crossed serendipitously, and after getting to know each other, we decided to start a pet project. We named it Bali Secrets.

Since then our little project has flourished and grown far beyond our expectations. It has been a journey of ups and downs, of disappointments and challenges, of miracles big and small – and above all – Bali Secrets has taught us lesson after lesson on how to be better, more loving human beings.

Here’s a bit about how we started, what motivates us and, of course, about the people behind the company.

This is
Our Story. 

How it all began.

It all started – you probably guessed it – on the tropical island of Bali. One sunny morning, some time in early 2015, a chance encounter happened over breakfast in lovely Ubud. What started as a friendship, soon gave birth to a collaboration.

The conversation that laid the foundation for Bali Secrets was over our shared frustration of not being able to find a decent natural deodorant.

After some consideration we decided to collaborate with a local family business to develop and launch a natural deodorant project. After several months in the making, on September 10, 2015, our first product saw the light of day, as it became available on Amazon.com.

Since then, we’ve followed up with four more scent options. In 2018 we excitedly launched an entirely new set of products; Vegan Body Butter and Baby Butter, Deluxe Liquid Castile Soaps and yummy Body & Face Scrubs.

The humans
behind the company.

Living, breathing people.

Yes, we’re real.


Katharina Mocharitsch


Dancing Salsa, reading books or lost in nature, Katie is always passionate about her adventures. For Bali Secrets she keeps the overview, communicates with suppliers and logistic partners and takes on the serious role when the men in the team get a touch too playful.

Martin Leitner


Martin’s inspiration is fuelled by Stand-up and Improv comedy, hikes and runs in nature, and good conversation. He’s responsible for Bali Secrets’ creative direction and branding, runs the UK company and keeps up the good vibes with his never ending optimism und unique sense of humour.

Giles Fabris


Giles fills his heart with the birds perspective on Californias nature in his paraglider and fast moving desert landscapes on his motorbike. He runs the USA part of Bali Secrets and will gift everyone with a big smile, even the last person in the phone queue of the tax department, UPS or Amazon.

Rob Lyon

Happiness Manager

You’ll likely find Rob surfing the waves of Bali, spending time with his wife and daughter and entertaining on Improv comedy stages. For Bali Secrets he’s crafting responses for customer enquiries with love, wit, and humour; takes care of daily operations and that every ball keeps rollin’.

Ivor Condric

Master of Optimization

Ivor seeks adventure in nature, road trips, and even construction sites and always aims to upgrade any experience for him and everyone involved. For Bali Secrets he revolutionised our production processes and quality management. He is also the one to make sure that every bottle is fuller than full.